When your personal hero (Margaret Cho) is actually an awesome IRL!

My Article on the Digital Journal!

I recently interviewed by Digital Journal about my road to being a comedian!

I talk about all kinds of things about how technology has really changed the comedy world and how this gives more power to the people. If you are an aspiring comic or someone who would like to read about my POV on the industry please read!

But I have to say… I love that I got a chance to talk about Margaret Cho in this article because… I legit have been looking up to her since I was age 9. I was brought to the united states when I was 9 YEARS OLD and I really did not speak a LICK OF ENGLISH!! All of the adult figures had to go to work and I was left to fend for myself most nights…

I remember I took INCREDIBLE COMFORT in ALL-AMERICAN GIRL which was also in its first season the first year I was brought to the US. Being that I had dreams of a career in entertainment from a very young age… Seeing Margaret on the screen gave be incredible amounts of hope and comfort! I started following her stand up comedy and her comedy specials and fell in love with her immediately.

Jump to 2017. I am pursuing a career in Stand Up Comedy and I actually get a chance to meet this wonderful person. You know what? SHE COULD NOT BE NICER!!! She is supportive, loving and truly just a nice person… (which is not always the case with people you admire) but Seriously. She also said I was funny on a podcast she was on (mentioning me by NAME) and I just dieeeeedddddddd…..

I guess the moral of the story is… or rather… the point of the story is 1) MARGARET IS DA BOMB. 2) seeing my childhood hero act in such a wonderful way really does make me want to be a better person also. As my career grows and expands it will be my goal to be the same. So thanks Margaret Cho for your inspiration. 🙂

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