Aidan was born on April 5th, 1985 and spend the first 9 years of his life in South Korea, in which he was raised by his single mother Hee Sook Park. Although being a single mother was not a universally accepted concept at the time, Hee approached her role as mother with loving fierceness and a proud indpendence which informs much of the character that Aidan is today!

Hee Sook, then moved Aidan to the United States with the hopes of making a better life for her family and left Aidan to be raised my his grandmother (also fiercely loving and independent) while she took a job across the country!

Aidan had several challenges to overcome while growing up, from the language barrier, growing up in poverty, to coming to terms with his homosexuality in his very loving but very conservative Korean household, to his undocumented status which prevented him from attending colleges he was accepted into (Even with his good grades and test scores). HIs difficulty in his teenage years informs his point of view in stand up comedy and as a writer to this day!

With an interest and talent in theatre and for the performing arts, he started training independently in musical theatre while performing odd jobs “under the table”, and doing work exchange programs for Lines Ballet of San Francisco, American Conservatory Theatre and San Francisco Academy for the Performing Arts under legendary opera singer Richard Nichol.

Once he got he became documented, Aidan then went on to perform in over 30 theatrical productions with some of the best theatre companies in the nation including American Conservatory Theatre, American Musical Theatre, McCoy Rigby Productions, San Francisco Shakespeare and Berkeley Rep Theatre. He also found success in the world of Commercial and TV/Movies having booked over 30 commercials and many TV/FILM throughout his career including credits on Casual (Hulu), Kingdom (Hulu), Conan (NBC) Atom TV (Comedy Central).

Aidan eventually found his true passion in stand up comedy as he finally found a venue to be a performer who can be himself! Aidan quickly became a headlining comedian, grinding it out by touring colleges, small dive bars and c-level comedy clubs AS He quickly found his voice in comedy which combines his unapologetic and unflinching openness about himself and his point of view, storytelling with sharp punchlines, and an in your face but warm approach to audiences. Aidan eventually became paid regular at some of the biggest comedy clubs in the world including the Hollywood Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv and Flappers comedy club, also producing a brand LGBT Comedy shows called “Rainbow Pop” for a 4 years at Hollywood and Long Beach Laugh Factories Monthly!

Then Aidan suffered a tragedy and lost his boyfriend of 5 years to lung cancer. This shifted Aidan’s perspective as he started wanting to do more with his comedy as he saw so many health professionals who had been so kind in Michael’s final days. It was then he decided to combine his interest and studies in self-development (Aidan has several certifications in coaching programs) and his career in comedy to create a brand of content in which he can help people feel better about themselves and live more fully. He forged ahead as the “Comic with good advice” and now writes a bi-weekly column for “Pride LA” magazine, has a podcast called the “What to do show” in which he helps people with life problems, and has a show in development with “The Here Network” in which he will create and executive produce a storytelling show with a focus on Marginalized and LGBT Voices.

Aidan’s advice is to seek unconditional happiness that is not dependent on anyone or any result but instead find ways to give yourself happiness… That is what he feels is the best Line up with what you are passionate about and live your best life. Also Aidan advocates living life unapologetically messy. Because that means you are LIVING!

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